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We are providing you a professional service of China tractor parts and engine parts. All accessories are from the original factory. Tractor parts for Foton tractors, Luzhong tractors, YTO tractor, Jinma tractor, Dongfeng tractor, Taishan tractor, TS, TY series tractors. Customized parts for Massey Ferguson, John Deer etc. Engine parts for tractor engines YTO, Yuchai, Xinchai (XC), Changchai (ZN), Jiangdong (JD), Laidong(LD KM), Lijia(SL), Yangdong(YD) etc.


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"Chinese Original tractor parts and engine parts!" 供应中国拖拉机和柴油机原厂配件

  We supply you with all of your chinese farm tractor parts, engine parts, and accessory . Our company has a large selection of tractor and engine parts including Foton tractor parts, Luzhong tractor parts, YTO tractor parts, Dongfeng tractor parts, Jinma traxctor parts, Taishan tractor parts, and other TS, DY, DF, MF tractor parts etc. We also carry parts for all major brands of chinese engines such as YTO, Yuchai, Xinchai (XC), Changchai (ZN), Jiangdong (JD), Laidong(LD KM), Lijia(SL), Yangdong(YD) etc.  


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Headquartered in Yulin, Guangxi, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was formerly "Yulin Quantang Industrial Cooperative" founded in 1951. As a large-sized modern enterprise group integrating the engine industry chain with the petrochemical industry chain and conducting diversified industrial operation, we have become a domestic leading industrial conglomerate through lean management and group operation.

We rank 316th among China's top 500 enterprises, 154rd among China's top 500 manufacturers, 103th among China's top 500 most valuable brands and 17th among China's top 500 machinery manufacturers. In 2014, we achieved sales revenues of 40.124 billion yuan.

We have over 30 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock subsidiaries, over 20,000 employees and total assets of 37.017 billion yuan, and have become an internal combustion engine manufacturing base with the most complete spectrum of products in the country, a key mini excavator export base and an industrial base with an output value of 100 billion yuan in Guangxi. We have industrial operations in areas like Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Liaoning and Chongqing.

We are a national high-tech enterprise with tremendous R & D strength, have established R & D bases in Nanning and Yulin, have a national corporate technical center, a state-accredited laboratory, a postdoctoral workstation and a corporate academician & expert workstation, and are the only support entity of the national engineering laboratory of internal combustion engines and the Guangxi Engineering Institute of Diesel Engines. The corporate technical center ranks 20th among the 887 state-accredited corporate technical centers and 1st in the engine industry. We have established a dozen domestic and overseas product and technology R & D centers in association with renowned domestic and overseas universities and institutions like Brunel University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tianjin University and RWTH Aachen University. We have created a strong R & D platform centering on independent technologies and geared to global cutting-edge technologies.

We own over 2,000 authorized patents, several patents for invention have filled domestic technical gaps, and they have yielded immeasurable economic and social benefits after being applied. Our projects of Key Technology and Industrialization of Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Engines and Key Technology of All-condition High Turbocharging of Internal Combustion Engine and Its Engineering Application won the second national prize for progress in science and technology in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In 2011, we developed the country’s first Euro VI diesel engine, keeping pace with advanced world standards.

We are advancing the "second startup" focused on "transformation and upgrading" and based on construction of Yuchai New Industrial City. The city focuses on high-end manufacturing development, is oriented on industrial support for Yuchai, aims to build an industrial agglomeration base integrating headquarters base, engine manufacturing, parts manufacturing,terminal equipment manufacturing industry,business & logistics, strives to become a domestically advanced new equipment (internal combustion engine) manufacturing base in three to five years.

We will take the opportunity of the "second startup" to adjust our industrial strategy, focus on developing the engine industry chain and the petrochemical industry chain, and build the financial service platform and the logistics service platform, thus creating a new development pattern with prominent advantage in primary business and service.

Engine industry chain: With Yuchai's headquarters as the engine manufacturing base and Yuchai New Industrial City as the key platform, we will focus on developing engines and fully extend upstream and downstream industry chains, thus forming an equipment manufacturing system integrating "parts, engines and terminals" and building a golden industry chain.

Petrochemical industry chain: With the high-benefit industrial cluster focused on lubricant and petrochemical products as embryo, and Qinzhou petrochemical project and Qinzhou petrochemical Phase 2 project as the carrier, we will implement the strategy of integrated development, and extend upstream and downstream industry chains, thus creating a pattern of agglomerative development of four industries: petrochemical, fine chemical, vehicle chemical and lubricant.

Logistics service platform: With Yuchai's existing logistics, transport and warehousing & distribution businesses as the basis, we will extend upstream and downstream industry chains, conduct integrated management of industrial supply logistics, production logistics and sales logistics, focus on developing automotive and parts products, the integrated business of the automotive electronic consumer goods supply chain and endeavor to develop new business modes such as e-commerce and information platform, thus building a specialized, standardized and all-round national general logistics service platform.

Financial service platform: We will deepen the integration of industry and finance, develop new financing channels, perfect the group investment and financing platform, enhance profitability and keep promoting the adjustment and optimization of Yuchai's industrial structure.

We have always led the industry with the core concept of "Green Development & Harmony Win-win" and deemed it our duty to "be the controller of the largest mobile pollution source", and have created a green value system, advanced CSR activities through various channels and released CSR reports for eight consecutive years, thus becoming an industrial model for assuming social responsibility, and enjoying great social reputation and public credit.


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