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We are providing you a professional service of China tractor parts and engine parts. All accessories are from the original factory. Tractor parts for Foton tractors, Luzhong tractors, YTO tractor, Jinma tractor, Dongfeng tractor, Taishan tractor, TS, TY series tractors. Customized parts for Massey Ferguson, John Deer etc. Engine parts for tractor engines YTO, Yuchai, Xinchai (XC), Changchai (ZN), Jiangdong (JD), Laidong(LD KM), Lijia(SL), Yangdong(YD) etc.


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"Chinese Original tractor parts and engine parts!" 供应中国拖拉机和柴油机原厂配件

  We supply you with all of your chinese farm tractor parts, engine parts, and accessory . Our company has a large selection of tractor and engine parts including Foton tractor parts, Luzhong tractor parts, YTO tractor parts, Dongfeng tractor parts, Jinma traxctor parts, Taishan tractor parts, and other TS, DY, DF, MF tractor parts etc. We also carry parts for all major brands of chinese engines such as YTO, Yuchai, Xinchai (XC), Changchai (ZN), Jiangdong (JD), Laidong(LD KM), Lijia(SL), Yangdong(YD) etc.  


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Shandong Huayuan Laidong Engine Co., Ltd which is located in the pear city---Laiyang, Shandong, China, is an important production base of small and medium power diesel engines in China. It is mainly engaged in the development and design, production and sales of diesel engines, their parts and components and related foreign trade business.
    The company was set up in 1943, it started to produce diesel engines in 1958. Being joint venture with China Worldbest Group in 1997, it became a subsidiary of Kama Co., Ltd, listing of shares in June,1998. Then Kama Co.,Ltd was taken up by China Hi-Tech Group in 2008 and now Huayuan Laidong is a third-level subsidiary of it.
    With registered capital 193 million yuan, fixed assets 870 milion yuan, cover an area 290,000 square meters, it has more than 3000 employees, including 150 all kinds of professionals and technicians, 90 are senior engineers; 260 professional skills, 110 are senior technicians. Since it was set up, the company was successively awarded “The Citation of the State Council”, “The Model of State Small Power Industry”, “The State May 1st Labour Medal”, ”The State Advanced Base Party Organization”, “Advanced Enterprise in China Internal-combustion Engine Industry”, “Prize for the Outstanding Contribution in China Internal-combustion Engine Industry”, ”Prize for the Outstanding Contribution for State Agricultural Machinery Industry”, ”One of Shandong Top 100 Enterprises”, “Shandong New and Hi-Tech Enterprise” and “Shandong Civilized Enterprise”. It’s LD brand diesel engines are recognized as famous products of Shandong and LD brand become well- known trademark of Shandong.
    The company has strong research and development ability. Its products include “two series, three major product lines”. “two series” includes single cylinder and multi-cylinder series diesel engines. Single cylinder series includes Model 1105, 1110, 1115, LD24, KM130, KM138, LD26, LD28, KM160, LD30, KM173 and km186, power range from 18-34HP,with annual production capacity 400,000 sets; and muti-cylinder series includes Model LL380, LL480, KM385, KM485, 3T30,KM390,4L22,4L23,D496,3L16CF,4L18CF,4L22CF,KM4100,KM4102,K15 etc.34 varieties, over 300 versions, power range from 16-120HP, annual production capacity 300,000 sets. “Three major product lines” contains A). engines for agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, generating sets and corn harvesters etc.; non-road purpose applied for small tractors , three wheelers, low-speed trucks, big and medium power tractors; The engines are mainly supplied to Wuzheng Group Co.,Ltd, Shandong Luzhong Tractor Co., Ltd, Taishan Guotai Tractor Company, Foton Lovol Heavy-Industry Co.,Ltd, Changzhou Dongfeng Agro-Machinery Group, Mahindra yueda (Yancheng ) Tractor Co., Ltd, YTO Group Corporation and Jiamusi Jiche etc. The engines are also used as power for engineering machinery, pump and generator sets in Fujian, Laizhou, Qingzhou, Tai’an and Linyi etc.; and for corn harvesters in Hebei, Dezhou, Rongcheng in Shandong. It has 9 models, power from 25 to 55hp, and will extend to 80-100hp for big and medium tracators. B). engines for light and micro trucks which are mainly supplied to Foton Motor Group, Zhonghang Heibao Co.,Ltd, Tangjun Ouling Motor Corp, Wuzheng Group, Kama Motor, Chengdu King Motor, Mengde Jinma Motor etc,. C). engines for multi-purpose passenger vehicles as minibus, high-end light truck, pickup, SUV, MPV which are mainly supplied to GAC Gonow Motor and Dongfeng Auto.

    It takes environmental protection seriously and developed energy saving and emission reduction products for light trucks and passenger cars which meet to Euro III, Euro VI emission standard.30 marketing departments, 2000 sales nets, 700 after sales service stations and internet information service platform were established to ensure an efficient and full range of marketing system.


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